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Indian takeout from Pyjama Hotel

Our Story

We are Pyjama Hotel

A festival of Indian flavours, bringing colourful, vibrant, Indian favourites and new dishes to your door.

Pyjama Hotel Indian cuisine.

Our Purpose

Is to reignite Britain’s passion for Indian food by creating joyful moments between friends and families.

Our flavourful take on these dishes will remind the nation of the joy that Indian cuisine can bring, especially when shared at home, in comfort.

Our Passion

Our passion is delivering the joy of Indian food to the nation. With a click, a festival of Indian flavours will arrive at your door with food designed to share in your own way, in the comfort of your own home, with the people you choose.

Pyjama Hotel Indian cuisine.
Prawn Dansak - marinated juicy king prawns in a tadka dal sauce.
Pyjama Hotel Indian cuisine.

Why Pyjama Hotel?

Simple really. ‘Hotel’ being the local Hindi word for restaurant and ‘pyjamas’, the uniform of the comfortable (and a Hindi word adopted into English).

So sit back, relax and fall in love with classic and new Indian favourites, time and again.

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